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Protect Your Music

Bear Busby Productions legally protects your music in more than 170 countries. We challenge anyone who tries to steal your music. Our legal department works 7 days a week to protect your music and dispute any content that infringes on

Sell Your Music

In a flash Bear Busby Productions will distribute your music to over 150+ of the most popular digital distribution partners around the world. You keep 80% of your income from all of these sellers. Your fans will be able to

Youtube Administration

You can earn money when your sound recordings are used ANYWHERE on Youtube. On any video! You earn money when other people use your sound recordings in their videos and on your own Youtube videos too. Bear Busby Productions collects

About Bear Busby Productions

About Bear Busby Productions

I created Bear Busby Productions in 2013  to help independent artist like you to get recognized and start earning what you are worth on the world digital market. As a young working musician (drummer) I know first hand how important it

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